Secrets To Getting A Clean And Beautiful Neck

Imagine how embarrassing does “your face complexion does not match your neck complexion” sound? It’s surprisingly true that we care about our facial beauty, but we don’t pay attention to our necks though it is an important body part. A dark neck can be due to many reasons: obesity, diabetes, not taking care of your hygiene and sun exposure. Anyhow at any point in time, when you decide to invest your time and effort in order to improve, you can achieve your goal to attain a beautiful looking, clean and clear neck.
First of all, fix your neck posture. Always keep your neck straight and firm. It can also help avoid wrinkles on the neck as well as double chin. It also makes you look confident.
Do yoga aimed at avoiding double chin and gaining long and attractive neck.
Massaging upwards (from chin to face) helps to keep skin tight and improves blood circulation. It also stops wrinkles from appearing.
Always apply sunscreen while going outside to avoid darkness caused by sun exposure.
Always remove makeup from neck otherwise it will clog skin pores and it will become darker over time.
Always wash your neck along with the face. Use face wash on the neck. Wash 2 times a day, every day.

Following are some tips aimed at helping you get a beautiful and clear neck:
1. Apply Vaseline thoroughly on your neck half an hour before taking a bath. Rub your neck thoroughly throughout bath time and afterward with a towel, but remember that you can only get rid of a dark neck if you repeat the procedure 4 to 5 times a week.
2. You should always use the moisturizer or fairness cream you use for your face, on your neck as well.
3. Apply turmeric and lemon paste on your neck and wash when it dries. It will lighten the darkness.
4. Use buttermilk as a cleanser. It does wonder if you have oily skin!
5. Scrub your neck at least three times a week. You can also make a homemade scrub by adding crushed almonds in milk.
6. Add lemon in milk and rub in on the neck. It gives crystal clear skin.
7. Use mashed banana and milk mask. Mix well and apply on face and neck. It will make your face and neck skin look more fresh.
8. Add lemon in clay mask. Mix well and apply on face and neck until dries. Apply overnight and wash next morning.
9. You can also get desired effects by applying yogurt and lemon mixture. It makes pigmented areas lighter.
10. Baking soda is also a cure to get rid of the dark neck. Apply baking soda paste in lemon on the neck and let it dry and wash afterward.
11. Potatoes have also been known to have bleaching properties and cure pigmentation. Rub slices or apply crushed potatoes.
12. Mash pumpkin and apply to neck and face. Pumpkin is known to have anti-aging properties, and it helps wrinkles from appearing.